Harmony in everything - how to combine accessories?

Modern fashion is extremely changeable and diverse. New trends appear almost every season, and it is quite difficult to follow all the trends. But the solution is simple - wear what you like and suit. In order for the outfit to be attractive, original, and elegant, it is enough to take into account the rules of the so-called "jewelry etiquette", which regulate the combination of colors of jewelry, their materials, and compositions. Our article will tell you about these recommendations. At yantar.ua, you can explore a wide range of exquisite jewelry pieces that cater to diverse fashion tastes and styles. Whether you prefer classic elegance, romantic charm, or bold bohemian designs, our collection has something for everyone. By incorporating high-quality jewelry from yantar.ua into your outfits, you can effortlessly enhance your fashion sense and make a memorable statement.

Tips of a fashionista - how to make the image sophisticated?

Accessories are an important part of any outfit. Your image and the impression you make on others depends on how harmoniously they look. Therefore, it is worth spending some time carefully selecting earrings, rings, necklaces and brooches, so that later you can enjoy well-deserved compliments! Here are some tricks that can make it easier to assemble ensembles:

  • modern fashion designers claim that everything can be combined - products made of different metals, jewelry and jewelry, basic jewelry and models that will become the central accent of the image. However, accessories should be combined with hairstyle, makeup and manicure, and also not contradict the chosen style;
  • do not forget about the sense of proportion - and then an extravagant outfit will never turn into a funny or too picky. For example, a large necklace made of bright natural gems can be supplemented with miniature earrings and a modest ring, and the clothes should be as simple and plain as possible;
  • it was once believed that accessories should be worn in sets, putting on, for example, a similar bracelet, necklace and ring. But now this rule is no longer relevant. It is better to buy several silver jewelry with different designs and try to make your own exclusive set from them;
  • When creating an image, try to maintain a balance of colors and textures. For example, massive jewelry will look better in combination with plain tunic dresses. Then nothing will distract attention from the extraordinary decor. But for outfits with an intricate cut or things made of colorful, bright or shiny fabric, you need to choose more restrained and modest jewelry;
  • despite the fact that many norms of etiquette have transformed over time, there is still a division between "day" and "evening" accessories. In particular, light, democratic models, including jewelry, should be worn until 5 p.m. If you like to try on diamonds and other precious stones, make sure that the design of the earrings, ring or necklace is as minimalist as possible. But the evening combination of jewelry must be refined and effective;
  • very good when you have a set of basic accessories. These are high-quality and attractive jewelry that will be equally appropriate in the office, and at classes in the gym, and at a party in a cafe, and at a disco. Such things are simple, but at the same time very convenient: their examples are pusette earrings, thin chains with unusual pendants, narrow rings with a minimum of decorative details. And by complementing the set with a bright element - for example, an avant-garde necklace, a vintage brooch, a large ring or an original hairpin - you can easily give your clothes an elegant, solemn and elegant look. In such an ensemble, you can attend important official events, holidays, so-called dinners.

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