How to choose a body cross

Baptism for a person who professes Christianity is one of the most important events in his life. The baby for whom this sacred ceremony is performed does not matter at all which cross the father puts on him. Parents often want to buy a small and not very expensive cross suitable for a small child. If the baptism takes place at a conscious age, then it is worth thinking about how to choose a body cross. It is customary to believe that the cross worn at baptism should accompany a person throughout his life, but its frequent change is perceived as a completely normal phenomenon. For example, Orthodox priests, if they are asked about the possibility of replacing a body cross, answer - if you like the cross, you need to buy it and wear it with joy in your heart. At, you'll find a wide selection of body crosses, each crafted with care and reverence, making it easier for you to find the one that resonates with your heart and soul.

Хрестик з бурштином

Body cross: basis and decoration

There are simply no strict church rules regarding what material the cross should be made of. It can be wooden, silver, gold, metal, and also made of natural stone - for example, amber. Precious metals are much better than ordinary ones because they usually do not cause allergies, retain their original appearance for a long time, and do not require complex care. Silver ions are known for their cleansing properties, so silver products are often used in Orthodox church ceremonies. Unfortunately, this metal tends to darken. This happens over time, as well as under the influence of moisture or close proximity to certain ointments, creams and food products. To avoid this, modern jewelry manufacturers cover silver jewelry with rhodium, thanks to which they shine like white gold and may not darken for years. The price of silver crosses is small, but it depends on the weight, the artistic value of the product and the quality of its decorative decoration.

Many women prefer to buy body crosses encrusted with stones, decorated with carvings or openwork. In this case, the cross, in addition to the function of a sign of religion, serves as a decoration. The idea that the cross on the body must be worn "on the body", hiding it from prying eyes, is somewhat outdated, therefore no one follows strict canons in this regard, considering the cross to be their talisman and, at the same time, a favorite decoration.

Натільний хрестик з бурштину

Form and inscriptions

The body cross most often comes in two forms - an eight-pointed one, according to Orthodox canons, and a four-pointed one - according to Catholic rules. At the same time, Orthodox Christians are not forbidden to wear four-pointed products with one crossbar. On one side of the traditional body cross, a crucifix is depicted, and on the other side there is an inscription - "Save and save". A variant of the cross without any inscriptions or images is allowed. The crossbars can also be different: rectangular, with a drop or trefoil on the edges. It is better for men to choose laconic models of products with restrained decor. Women and girls can afford a cross with inserts, elegant engraving, decorated with stones and openwork patterns. For a child, it is best to buy a small cross, up to 2 cm, while for an adult it can be larger - up to 4 cm.

Models of crosses of a non-standard shape - rounded, convex, curved, decorated with flowers - are rather a sophisticated decoration than a sign of belief. But if the owner of such a product feels like a fully religious person, and he likes this particular cross more than others - there is no sedition in this. Only the person himself knows whether he has God in his soul and heart or not, and how great his faith is.

After you bought a body cross in a jewelry store, you need to take it to the church and consecrate it. Otherwise, it will remain just a beautiful decoration that has nothing to do with your protection or faith. If the purchase was made in a store of church utensils, then, most likely, such a cross has already been consecrated. It is necessary to clarify this moment when buying.